Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Drama bits and pieces

My daughters both auditioned for the high school play. Cast list came out today... need I say more? It is so nerve wracking to see your child try so hard for something and have the long wait for them to be judged to find out if their hopes will be shattered into tiny bits and pieces.

That is the hardest part about being a mom. People can reject you and it doesn't hurt nearly as much as when your child feels rejected. B worked so hard to get the lead role, and she came up just a tad short, she has the 2nd lead, which is great... but not what she wanted. I know that there are plenty of girls who would love to have her part and would take it in a heartbeat... and I know she is going to shine no matter what role she has... but she has worked so hard these last 4 years and she is the only person who has made cast in every single production since her freshman year. It is a disappointment, not just that she didn't get the part but that the part went to a girl who is to put it nicely, a bit of a diva. She throws tantrums when she doesn't get her way, and really isn't very nice.

I know in the long run it doesn't matter what part B has because no matter what she does she always shines and steals the show whenever she is on stage, I just hate to see her confidence not be as strong because she really did give it everything she has and was pretty confident that she would get the lead. I have encouraged her to talk to her director, I have a feeling the parts were chosen mainly because the lead is traditionally a blonde and the girl who got the part is blonde, if that is the case then I hope B sees that it isn't her that is lacking... other than the fact that she is Hispanic and will never be blonde! lol

Anyway, I am very proud of her and can't wait to see her up on stage, it is even more exciting because D also made the cast in an ensemble part which is great considering it is her freshman year. With both girls in the show it will be very crazy around here but I am looking forward to it. It is hard to believe this will be B's last high school musical! Where in the world does the time go?

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